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CreatorMagic offers a comprehensive suite for converting YouTube videos into diverse written formats and analyzing audience sentiment.

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The Struggle 😫

Finding key points in long videos and understanding audience reactions shouldn't be so hard

You are looking for quick insights


You wade through long videos and countless comments


You end up frustrated and uninformed

Transform video watching from time-consuming totime-saving

CreatorMagic effortlessly converts video content into concise, written summaries and analyzes viewer sentiment to enhance your understanding and engagement

  • Save time with CreatorMagic! It extracts the essential details from long YouTube videos in just a few seconds, allowing you to grasp the key points without watching the entire video. Ideal for those needing swift, accurate insights.
  • CreatorMagic transforms video content into accessible, written formats, broadening your audience. Convert talks into engaging blog posts, succinct summaries, and social media snippets to captivate more viewers.
  • CreatorMagic enables the effortless creation of clear and targeted written content from videos. It maintains the integrity of the original message, making it easier for text-preferring readers to engage and understand.
  • Uncover the mood of your audience with CreatorMagic’s sentiment analysis. Get detailed summaries, overall sentiment scores, and actionable insights from YouTube comments to refine your content strategy.

Use cases

CreatorMagic is versatile and useful across many scenarios. Here are examples for three key use cases:

Content Marketers

Turn lengthy webinars and interviews into engaging, SEO-friendly blog posts that capture audience attention quickly.

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Students and Researchers

Condense hours of lecture videos into comprehensive, easy-to-review written summaries, enhancing study efficiency and retention.

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Social Media Managers

Leverage video content and viewer feedback to craft engaging posts. Use CreatorMagic to analyze comments for sentiment, creating targeted content that resonates with your audience and boosts engagement.

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Simple Scribe

Efficiently transform video to text with essential features at a great value. Includes sentiment analysis to understand viewer reactions.

$ 14

$ 7


  • Tailored for basic content needs

  • Quick and straightforward conversions

  • Ideal for summaries and notes

  • Perfect for students and casual users

  • Standard accuracy and clarity

  • Sentiment analysis

Price per 100 conversions


Pro Publisher

Experience superior content creation with advanced AI. Dive deeper with detailed and nuanced outputs, perfect for professional-grade content.

$ 35

$ 17


  • Advanced content creation tools

  • In-depth blog posts, summaries, and more

  • Suited for marketers and researchers

  • High-quality, detailed outputs

  • Captures nuances and subtleties

  • Advanced sentiment analysis

Price per 100 conversions

*Get insights fast. 100 conversions per purchase.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • CreatorMagic is a powerful tool that converts YouTube videos into written content such as summaries, blog posts, and social media snippets. It uses advanced AI technology to efficiently extract key information from videos, providing users with quick and accurate text outputs.
  • Simply input the URL of a YouTube video into CreatorMagic, select the type of written content you need, and our service will process the video and deliver high-quality written content in minutes.
  • CreatorMagic offers two pricing plans to suit different needs. The Simple Scribe plan is priced at $7 per 100 requests, perfect for basic content generation such as summaries and notes, and includes sentiment analysis. The Pro Publisher plan, at $17 per 100 requests, provides a more advanced AI for capturing nuances in content and supports a wider range of written formats, including detailed blog posts and professional summaries, also including sentiment analysis. Both plans are designed to cater to everyone from casual users to professionals seeking high-quality outputs.
  • While we don't offer a free trial, you can start with the Simple Scribe plan at just $7 for 100 requests. This low-cost entry option allows you to evaluate the quality and usefulness of our service before committing to more or opting for the Pro Publisher plan.
  • CreatorMagic utilizes the latest AI technology tailored for content extraction and creation. The Pro Publisher plan employs advanced algorithms to ensure the content is not only accurate but also rich in detail and context, suitable for professional needs.
  • While CreatorMagic can process videos of various lengths, the maximum video length depends on the plan: The Simple Scribe plan supports videos with up to approximately 142 minutes of spoken content, aligning with its 16K token limit. The Pro Publisher plan can handle up to approximately 18.9 hours of spoken content with its 128K token limit. These limits ensure high-quality, contextually accurate outputs tailored to the length of your video content.
  • No, there are no hidden fees or additional costs. The prices for the Simple Scribe and Pro Publisher plans are inclusive of all features offered within each tier, and you pay only for the sets of 100 requests you purchase.
  • CreatorMagic uses advanced AI technology to analyze the transcript of a video rather than the video itself. By leveraging the transcript, CreatorMagic can efficiently extract key information and generate high-quality written content. This approach ensures that the content produced is accurate, contextually relevant, and tailored to the user's needs. However, it's important to note that this method might miss visual or audio cues present only in the video, which could provide additional context or insights.
  • CreatorMagic's Sentiment Analysis feature leverages viewer comments to craft a comprehensive understanding of the sentiment surrounding a video. By analyzing the comments, CreatorMagic can identify trends, patterns, and emotions expressed by viewers, providing valuable insights for content creators. This feature is particularly useful for crafting targeted content that resonates with your audience and boosting engagement.

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